Saturday, April 30, 2011

Action Comics #900

After Rich Johnston correctly pointed out that Action Comics #900 was a "Fox News Story Waiting to Happen", there have been several reactions to the story in which Superman renounces his U.S. citizenship.

What I find more amusing about this is how unprepared DC was for all the media attention. Unlike Marvel, which for the most part manages to have news media focus on the "news" Marvel want them to publicize, DC clearly had no idea that this story would have repercussions.

Evidence? Well, how about checking DC's blog? There's an entry posted one day after the comic came out, which mentions an "earth-shaking twist" contained in the comic and warns us of "spoilers" after the jump.

The big reveal? An image showing several Superman look-a-likes about to battle four versions of Doomsday, a character who was popular in 1992 (back when DC knew more about how to generate media attention). Pretty exciting, eh? This is what DC chose to publicize on their blog after the comic came out.

There will be many people picking up copies of Action Comics #900, but if any of these new readers decides to stick around for next month's issues of Superman and Action, hoping to see more about Superman's decision to renounce his American citizenship, I have the feeling they'll be severely disappointed.

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