Monday, August 20, 2007

Robert E. Howard comics news

Scott Allie talks about his plans for the new Solomon Kane from Dark Horse. A bit that caught our attention:

Scott, let's talk story — what can you tell us about your plans for Solomon Kane?

I don't want to say the name of the first arc just yet, because lately every time we announce something with Conan or Buffy, some other publisher immediately tries to publish or register a trademark using that name.

Now who could he be referring to? (See botttom of entry.)

(For those too lazy to click: Dynamite Entertainment announced their own Savage Tales magazine, registering the trademark in their name, some time after Dark Horse announced its plans to do an anthology named Robert E. Howard's Savage Tales. We've previously mentioned Dynamite's current efforts to register the trademarks of several public domain Golden Age heroes.)

In other Robert E. Howard-related news, Michael Moorcock announced a month and a half ago that he's "supposed to be doing a Conan comic for Dark Horse."

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