Sunday, October 9, 2011

An amazing resource: Martin O'Hearn's blog

Martin O'Hearn is a fan and historian who has been studying American comics for decades. I remember first hearing about him thanks to the late Rich Morrissey, who'd share O'Hearn's research with us over at the Grand Comics Database mailing lists, describing his capacity for identifying uncredited writers thanks to thorough and detailed examinations of their tendency to use certain words and patterns in their work, and by identifying their writing quirks in general. Several of the credits you see in the GCD today are due to Martin O'Hearn's research.

I had noticed a few months ago that he'd started posting comments in comic-related blogs, identifying uncredited writers and artists. But what I didn't know was that he'd started a blog for sharing his knowledge. He's been posting writer William Woolfolk's records, posting corrections to GCD credits, and even identifying a Jack Kirby story that has been miscredited for decades. Give his blog a look.

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Richard said...

Many thanks for posting this! I also learned of O'Hearn through Richard Morrissey -- in my case via the Jack Kirby mailing list of old, since I was never on the GCD list. I'm delighted to learn Martin is blogging and we can see even more of his work...and by extension, preserve one more link with our departed friend.